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The Rules

We all die.

Shocking for some but most of us knew that.

So the game we play, for most of us, is staying fit, healthy and in a good state of mind for as long as possible.

It is not just a case of being alive but really being ALIVE!

The body should really be a distraction free vehicle that we use to get on with things like family, groups, work, sports, interests, our religion, walks in the park, etc.

We need to state these obvious things as part of discussing nutrition or else we may get lost along the way.

It would be easy to become fanatical about health & nutrition and forget about living. This subject was touched on with the article Nutrition & Enjoyment in Life but it is important enough to discuss a little further especially as I want to establish some guide lines and limits for this web site.

The web site is in its formative stage but I know it will soon be attracting more replies and opinions from others. These opinions are very welcomed and encouraged but I will not allow it to become a sound platform for the food/health/nutrition fanatic — the type that gets angry at you if you are not following some rigid fad formula that has been “scientifically proven” and worked for them when they had a bad carbuncle (boil) on their left butt cheek.

As stated in the article Nutrition ,Politics & Religion there are a lot of opinions in this area and if a person commenting cannot play nice with others their post/comments will be removed. There is no freedom of speech on this web site. I reign supreme here but I hope to be a benign dictator who allows comment that is politely stated and not meant to make anyone feel maligned or bullied.

If someone has improved health since finding God, and going to church, that is a totally acceptable comment too. The reasons behind good health, fitness and longevity have not been nailed down and we cannot omit even the possibility of a spiritual influence while we jog, eat well and gobble down our vitamins.

Here’s to good health, happiness and an excellent exchange of ideas to help attain that.


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