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Athlete’s Foot and B Vitamins

by Tony Bowling on October 2, 2012

Athlete’s Foot

I have just spent about two weeks applying creams, powers, sprays etc. to my feet to get rid of, or even reduce, the Athlete’s Foot in both my feet.

But without success.

Now, it is obvious that you need these creams etc. because it is a fungus and the only way to get rid of a fungus is to attack it directly. Attack it so that you have to kill it. Right?


All these items are addressing the wrong problem.

 The Real Cure

I remembered (after two weeks of going crazy with hot itchy feet) that nutritionalist Adele Davis said that Athlete’s Foot is caused by low levels of B vitamins. So I took three sets of vitamins with lots of B complex and within half a day the problem was completely gone!

Now I’m obviously a proponent of taking vitamins but even I was startled by the efficacy of his treatment for the problem. It doesn’t even really make sense: How can orally taking B vitamins get rid of a fungus attacking one’s feet.

I have no idea why and how and I do not care. I care that I found a real definite solution to the problem and that I can pass it on to you.

B vitamins cure Athlete’s Foot. Adele said so and I just proved it worked. I hope it works for you if you need it.


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