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Are Chocolate Pancakes Good For You?

by Tony Bowling on November 15, 2011

Is an apple good for you? This is the kind question often asked but not always correctly answered.

What’s the best food? This is an impossible question to answer.

Anyone who does try to answer the likes of the above questions is basically giving you false information. Why? Because the question itself is faulty. A food item may not be ideal for someone at a certain time but at another time it could be just what the person needs. For example someone might really need some protein at which time a bunch of grapes (high in sugar content) could be detrimental. Then on the other hand someone who is thirsty, needs vitamin C and potassium and needs a quick boost of blood sugar would probably really love and benefit from a bunch of sweet grapes (mmmm my mouth is watering!). So are grapes good or not?

“What would be the most nutritionally beneficial food items for me to ingest the morning before taking part in a marathon on a very hot day?”  Now that is an answerable question.

“Does an orange have more Vitamin C in it compared to the same sized apple?” That is also answerable. But “Which is best?” always depends on the individual and the circumstances of that individual.  Ever tried offering a man who just nearly drowned, a mug of water to drink or offering salted pork to someone who just got lost in the desert for the day without water. I know these examples are a bit lame and extreme but I’m sure you get the point.

The company Chiquita® who sells bananas have this registered logo “Quite Possibly, The World’s Perfect Food®”. Not only is this not even close to being true but it is not really true of any one food item. The body needs many things to be healthy and operating optimally so how could any one single food come close to being the world’s perfect food?

A banana is an excellent source of carbohydrate, potassium and I am sure a Chiquita®  banana is a fine example of that but their logo is sure stretching what is true.

The earlier article  talks about the basic vitamins the body requires for an optimum condition. Before that one needs a certain amount of protein, carbs, oil/fats. All these things proportioned for you and your body and life style.

For the most part the best foods for you is what roughly follows the US government Food Plate (see the government food plate over to the right of this page) but this is a rough guide based on “normal” life styles without any thought of extremes or circumstances outside the norm.











And talking about extremes. Remember Gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps whose breakfast alone (not counting his lunch, dinner and snacks!) would make most of us explode or put us in a coma.  Here is a picture of his typical breakfast while he was training. So don’t try to tell me chocolate pancakes are not good for you! He has 14 gold medals! This was what was good for him at that time doing what he was doing.



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