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Cancer and the FDA

by Tony Bowling on November 5, 2011

I have had a lot trouble trying to decide what to say about what is shown in the documentary movie named below.

It has disturbed me for days since I watched it. In a true and just world (or US) all those involved would be jailed for life considering the pain, suffering and death they have allowed to continue while they carried out their evil, depraved, fraudulent actions.

The documentary shows

– the FDA (a government body)

– a medical board (of Texas)

– and certain members the pharmaceutical industry

All unquestioning stopping a cure for cancer (not a 100% cure but one which has greatly improved results without adverse affects on the patient)

The movie is not only easy to understand but shows facts and figures and specifics that remove any doubt that the above three entities are corrupt and that they should be feared. Feared because they are obviously, currently, out of control rogue entities in this society.

The movie is called


It is available for streaming from Netflix and from YouTube.

I am sorry to have to bring this news to you.


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