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Fluoride in Your Drinking Water

by Tony Bowling on October 30, 2011

This is an amazing subject. Amazing for so many reasons.

When did local government become health care practitioners?

What are they doing involving themselves in this field in the first place? Why are they putting such a chemical in our drinking water? Is there some local or federal mandate that teeth have to be addressed at this level?  If they are concerned about your health then why not add some vitamins to the water too? What is so special about teeth that prompt the local government to add a chemical to your drinking water? Teeth are important but no more important than many other health aspects of the body such as the eyes, heart, liver, pancreas, skin,etc.

These children trust that the water is safe.


There are on-going arguments between those that believe this action helps your teeth and those that oppose it. Often the argument is center on and revolves around the interpretation of the stats that show if there is a benefit or not.

But while these factions debate the effectiveness of this chemical on the teeth a huge point is being missed or not given enough value:

Fluoride works as a topical application only. In other words, if this chemical works at all, it works ONLY AS IT TOUCHES YOUR TEETH. I’ll repeat: if it works at all it is only as it touches your teeth according to the Center for Disease Control.

So a HUGE question is: Why are we swallowing it? I don’t know! That’s why this subject is so amazing. It’s just beyond any kind of common sense and reasoning and it tends to make one say or think “This cannot be true — no one would be that stupid or evil”.¬† But this is the case.

No one seem to be arguing about this point of it being a topical solution. And no one is saying that Fluoride ingested into your system helps your teeth any longer. The dental industry are not arguing this point at all. But the water authority are just making you drink it anyway!

The argument seems to be whether drinking it helps your teeth AS IT TOUCHES THEM ON THE WAY THROUGH YOUR MOUTH and ignores the fact that we simply should not be swallowing it.


The logic that is being applied, and is so flawed as a logic, is this:

1. Fluoride in the water helps your teeth.

2. No evidence can be found that drinking it in these amounts are harmful to a people.

That’s it. That’s the logic. We’ll put this stuff in the water and you have to swallow it because it may help your teeth as it goes by on its way into your system and so far we cannot find any adverse effects. So we are all cool? Yes? Absolutely NOT! No! No! No!

What about little Joey who runs around a lot outside in the heat and drinks gallons of water more than some other child who stays in doors and is given bottled water. The amount of fluoride ingested by little Joey can be way above the imagined average.

Oh and it gets better! It has been found that some children’s teeth have turned yellow from too much fluoride.

This action of putting Fluoride into the water is a sheep dip form of mass medication. It is forced on you. It does not even come close to making sense.

I buy bottled spring water for this very reason. I will not drink tap water.

I could also add that my teeth are great but that is not even close to the important point.


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