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The Sheep Dip

by Tony Bowling on October 29, 2011

I want us to understand the concept of the Sheep Dip. It will be used (derogatorily) when referring to certain actions by “health Institutions”, government bodies, the powers-that-be in general and any one who recommends whole sale “health” remedies for the masses without bothering to see if the individual needs and/or wants it.

The sheep dip was invented in Scotland in 1830. It consists of a trough of water with a liquid formulation of insecticides and fungicides which shepherds use to try to stop their sheep from getting infestation from external parasites. As the sheep are forced through the special apparatus it gets completely immersed in the formula before coming out at the other side. I don’t think this brief under water excursion is too traumatic for the sheep — that is certainly not the point of this article.

All of the sheep get this treatment whether they need it or not. Each sheep gets treated for “everything” whether it needs it or not. It is a wholesale type of handling.  It is a handling for the masses but in this case the masses are only sheep.

This Sheep Dip concept happens to humans too. A good example of this is the addition of fluoride to our drinking water. This is enforced “medication” for the masses. Why does your local municipality insist on putting this chemical in your drinking water? They do not know how much tap water Jessie drinks compared to little Joe down the street. It doesn’t matter to them, apparently, and it is a wholesale handling of the masses regardless of any personal needs and wants. It is enforced. It is a sheep dip for humans.

Most campaigns (by “health organizations”) for everyone to get inoculated is a similar thing. Just inject everyone against the flue and we will all be okay – they were even looking at making that compulsory in this part of the world (Los Angeles).

So a sheep dip type handling is a derogatory term for a mass enforced handling done in the name of “health”.


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