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Is Nutrition an Exact Science

by Tony Bowling on October 28, 2011

Is the subject of nutrition an exact science? No, not at all. 

Some things seem to work for one person and not at all, or not so much, for the next.

I am sorry to have to tell you this.

But there are enough success stories to make it worth learning about and applying. I apply it to myself and advise my friends and family as well. And I am advising you too right now.  Some nutritional things work really well most of the time. It is a matter of discovering what is best for you.

There are no guarantees. Doctors profess to have the answers (they control prescriptions and only they have the authority to give health care advice) and yet so many people die in hospitals and doctors themselves die young just like everyone else. Doctors themselves do not have a handle on it either.

Doctors have the knowledge and ability to replace your liver with a healthy one, which is a good thing, but not the knowledge and ability to prevent the liver going south in the first place.

When you hear of a person living to a 100 years plus it is not because they had a good health care plan or a good doctor. Neither is it usually because they took vitamins every day. This subject of longevity seems a lot to do with what genes you were dealt at birth. But if you add to that caring for yourself with a reasonable nutritional plan and use the doctor occasionally as, and if, you need to, then that is about the best you can do.

There are no magic formulas in nutrition and nor are there in medicine. Look at the list of side effects they often admit to when pushing the latest tailored drug on a TV commercial. If a vitamin had even close to those side effects it would be taken off the market. Anal leakage for heaven’s sake!

It is fine that a doctor can replace a heart with someone else’s — it is a medical miracle as they say — but was there more that could/should have been done years earlier leading up such a severe point. Again neither medicine nor nutrition is an exact science. Medicine has exact procedures in the case that X happens to you but they are lacking actual cures for most things.

But this article is not intended to bash the medicos. It is more a request for the medicos to stop attacking or allowing the attack on the nutritional area and particularly vitamins and other supplements.

If a person gets a cold, for example, he/she has a choice: Either:

Buy “cough medicine” which is basically a formula to dope you so you fall asleep. Sleep is a good thing.


Buy some Vitamin C and see if that helps reduce the affects and speed recovery (Vitamin C and Colds). It does not always work but neither does the cough syrup or any other medical “solution” for a cold and cough.

But you have a choice and that choice should and MUST always remain.


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