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How a Can of Soup Saved My Leg

by Tony Bowling on October 28, 2011

A Story

The Pain

I started to get a very uncomfortable pain/sensation in the top part of my right leg. The pain was in the very core of the leg like an artery was somehow being constricted. The sensation was not dissimilar to one you (or at least I) get when getting blood pressure taken with that constriction band tied round the arm.

This pain was very disconcerting. What could it possibly be and how bad it could get? There was no obvious cause. I had not injured anything and even if I had, this was something a long way from the surface of my leg.

There was no position either lying, sitting nor standing that offered any relief and it was getting worse.

 A Doctor Visit?

It is a rare occasion when I think about a doctor visit but this was scaring the royal poop poop out of me! But what could the doctor possibly do. Investigatory surgery: open up my leg or send some optical tube down into my leg from the nearest body orifice. The thought of these options did not delight me in the least. 

The other thing that was puzzling was that I do not usually get weird stuff happening and anything that does happen usually has a cause that I can isolate. I am a very firm believer in cause and affect. But I could not nail this one down and I was losing sleep worrying that I could end up losing the leg.

 The Soup

On about the third day of this mystery pain/sensation I talked to my wife about a doctor visit as it was getting to be too much for me but I was also hungry and said I fancied (a Brit term) some Tomato Soup. This was kind of odd in itself because I hadn’t had a dish of such fodder for years. The soup was located in the pantry in the archives section and had a use-by date that was some large number BC. I did not care.

I ate this soup and it was incredible. I would challenge any 5 star gourmet chef on the whole planet to create a meal as tasty and satisfying as was this old can of Campbell’s Tomato soup.

Not only did I enjoy this soup more than one would consider normal but my leg pain started to ease up within 30 minutes. It did not go away but it was the first moment of relief in days. I immediately got the can out of the trash to see what on Earth could be in this that would have helped my leg. And there it was: HIGH SODIUM CONTENT! Close to 2000 mg of sodium.

Even more salt

So I started taking salt tablets and the problem quickly dissipated. Zip, zero, gone! Salt fixed it 100%.

Now there was one further thing I had to do and that was to discover why the salt/sodium thing happened in the first place. See these things rarely happen for no reason.

In my case it turned out to be two things:

  1. I had been working out a lot in the heat thus increasing my need for salt.
  2. I had been taking extra calcium for my knee joints.

Now since that time I have had this upper leg pain/sensation thing happen a couple of more times and each time it was coincidental with increased calcium intake. Each time it also handled immediately with extra salt. I do not worry about it at all now.

 Salt Vilification

Those salt (sodium) tablets I mentioned above are VERY hard to find. Health food and vitamin stores don’t even sell them and yet sodium is one of the essential minerals and as can been seen from this story it probably saved my leg. So why is salt so vilified? That requires a whole new article coming soon.


PS: I wrote this not because I am such an interesting person but to show very conclusive information (unless of course I am lying or exaggerating which I am not) that salt is not always an evil enemy and most importantly to show that sometimes a simple vitamin can prevent surgery.

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