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Jocks Without Girls

by Tony Bowling on October 18, 2011

Looking back to my earlier years I was trying to decide if I was a jock or a nerd when I was at school in my teens. I did enjoy my sports.

I realized that because it was an all boys school the concept of “jock” did not really exist. One was a school kid who was either good at and liked sport or he was not. Simple.

Having realized this I also went on to realized that the jock concept or mentality, to a degree, depends on the presence of girls. The male tends to strut his feathers as a ritual to attract the girls! (Note: If we had had any girls at our school I’d have been strutting a plenty!)

The handsome athletic football quarter back is a prime example (or cliche) of this in the USA. That is what is usually portrayed in the movies. He is a jock who may or may not bully the “nerds” as part of his ritual of early male dominance to hopefully (for him) attract more of the fairer sex.

At my school we just dreamed of the fairer sex while running round a field in the cold kicking a leather ball. Breathing heavy was something we mostly only did in sports!

Tony Bowling

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