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Thousands of Different Vitamin Bottles — Now the Simple Solution

by Tony Bowling on October 14, 2011

This is important information because the following includes the basic vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

When you walk into a vitamin store there is an awful lot of stuff. It can be overwhelming.  Below is the basic list to make things a bit simpler.

Your body does not specifically need things such as Green tea, Ginseng, Hawthorne Berry, Dandelion Root etc. These herbs and any combination of them and others may help you at any given time but no body/blood analysis has ever been done and found the body and its systems to be low in Dandelion Root. It just doesn’t happen.

These herbs may somehow substitute for the vitamins and minerals that you do need but it tends to be hit and miss because the blood cannot be analyzed for something that is not essential to it.

A body, at a certain time, may need some vitamin C, potassium and some water (all three essential) and you eat an orange and all three have been handled to a degree. Maybe ingesting Ginseng works that way — maybe it gives you some essential nutrient. I do not know. I am only mentioning them here to make the point that they do not belong at all on the list of basic nutrients. If someone looks at this list and thinks “What about Saint John’s Wort, I do great on that” Well good for you but it does not belong here. And maybe, just maybe, if you took all of the things mentioned below in the right proportions for you and in an absorbable form, whether you got them all from food or food and supplements, then maybe you would not need Saint John’s Wort. I’m just sayin!

I am going to also give some quantities so you have an idea of the proportions of one vitamin to the next but this is NOT a recommendation for you other than it could be a starting point for you while you see what works best for you. You may need more or less vitamin C for example.

Vitamin A – 5000 IU

Vitamin B Complex – 2 capsules (Link for more details on B complex)

Vitamin C 250-1000 mg (Link for more info on Vitamin C)

Vitamin D 400 IU

Vitamin E 600-800 IU

Multi Minerals ( Link for more info on this)

I would take the above amounts daily (with variations that I know work better for me) if I was sick, stressed out or something but otherwise I don’t think I need this amount daily under normal circumstances and certainly not when I am eating well which for me is lots of protein and veggies. If I had a cold I’d take thousands more C and more vitamin A. If I was in a weekend soccer tournament I would be taking tons of certain minerals to keep this older body going. If I was out in the intense heat I would take more of…. You get the point. It varies for me and it varies from person to person. (See more about this)

Take those basic supplements and add the likes of Saint John’s Wort if you like but you may find you no longer need it.



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