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by Tony Bowling on October 14, 2011

The last article was about vitamin pills being too hard (compact) to a point that it may not be easily absorbed by the body. (The Rock Hard Vitamin Pill)

This article is about minerals which do not even have to be compact to be difficult for the body to digest.

The Soil

Normal life goes this way: The soil is rich in minerals, but eating soil doesn’t work for humans because these minerals are not in a form we can easily digest/absorb, and besides, a serving of soil will not impress your dinner date in the least.

A plant, such as a vegetable, grows and absorbs some of these nutrients. Plants can, and do, obsorb this stuff but not only that, they convert it into a form that is digestible. That is why the likes of veggies are good for you —  the minerals they provide as well as vitamins.

So the starting point of this little circle of life is the goodness in the soil. If that goodness is not there, then the plant won’t get it and neither will you!  You hear about farm soil not being as rich as it used to be from being over farmed. I do not have any info that this is the case. I personally do not know but have to assume there is some truth to it and I therefore supplement my intake to be on the safer side.

Okay so what about supplements? The same thing applies! They are hard to digest unless something special has been done to them to change their form.


Many years ago I purchased and took Dolomite pills. They were essentially calcium and magnesium. The bottle stated how much of each was in each pill. What it didn’t say (maybe they didn’t know back then) was that it was basically rock that had been ground up and made into a pill.  I do not know if a body could absorb any of it but I think at best only a small percentage. And “no” the grinding of it would not even come close to making it more digestible. For example it does not matter how fine sand is, you cannot stir it to a point where it dissolves.

The fact (or promise) that a pill dissolves quickly has NOTHING to do with its actual absorption into the bodies system in such a way that the body can utilize it to strengthen bones etc. Statements like “quickly dissolves” are almost meaningless.

The Big Seven

There are seven major minerals you must have to sustain life. These are Calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium and chlorine. You are probably toast without them.

There are over 75 trace mineral needed in very small amounts for what one would call optimum health.  The seven are needed in larger quantities but not in all the same amounts and of course amounts differ from body to body.

I’ll briefly mention the more absorbable mineral supplement forms without going into what they are at this time:

– Plant derived colloidal minerals

– Chelated minerals which are bonded to an amino acid

– There is even a calcium tablet that is exclusively derived from plants.

Eating lots of plant food will give a lot of what you need mineral wise without you having to worry too much about the over 75 trace minerals but it does depend a lot on the soil. Just eat more veggies and fruit to make up for it – I mean it!

I do supplement several of the “big seven” especially when doing sports in the heat. More on that later too.




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