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Aspartame – A Story of Illness & Recovery

by Tony Bowling on October 14, 2011

From Guest Writer My Wife Tomi Lyn Bowling

In May of 2003 my husband went out of town for six weeks.  I have always been very conscious of my weight, ok self-conscious may be a more apt way to describe it.  I decided that while he was gone I was gonna loose the ten to fifteen pounds that I seemed to always think I needed to lose.  You should see me now! Now it’s become the illusive forty pounds! Sorry…so back to the story….I woke up every morning and exercised on our treadmill and a lifted weights and some other exercises. I must have been insane because what I am about to share with you now, seems embarrassing. I actually cannot believe I did this, but I did.  I started using some new diet products that contained Sucralose (I know that is not what this is about but this is just notable as part of the insanity that was me back then). I used Propel to drink while working out.  That is where the Sucralose was.  I tried, smartly (if there was anything smart about what I was doing then) to avoid carbs. I tried to focus on proteins. I was so clever. In fact I was so clever that I also started drinking Diet Coke to make sure I was not violating my carb intake with my well known addiction to soda. That’s not my fault, of course, because my mom used to give me cola from the time I could consume anything other than milk. I was a baby at a time when soda was promoted to be healthy for your babies, there’s even ads around from that time to prove it. She thought she was doing well by me stuffing me with soda as a baby. Sorry…sidetracked again! I drank a lot of Diet Soda, maybe two or three cans each day.  But not being one to want to torture myself on that diet I would still cheat.

I clearly remember having a barbecue at our house with some friends in the community to celebrate the certification of our Neighborhood Council.  It was a pretty hot day in May and I was busy being a hostess so didn’t really stop to eat, except to grab the occasional cookie (I can’t believe I did this….I wish you could see how red my cheeks are turning right now, I can’t believe I am telling you!) or piece of cake and of course I would wash it down with the last can of soda I opened, when I finally found it…now warm from sitting in the sun. It was gross. I actually opened several cans of soda that day and kept leaving them, they would get hot and I would throw them out….but as they were warming up I drank them. So there you go….beautiful hot day in LA around the pool with friends….drinking diet soda and eating sugar. It was actually the next day that I started to feel funny. Nothing major so I just ignored it. It got worse day by day.  I still wasn’t really accepting that anything was wrong.

My daughter said to me one day, about one week later, while visiting “have you been drinking mom?”.  Odd question at the time. Odd because I may have had a drink at Christmas or something but I mainly didn’t drink at all. So I looked pretty shocked and said “no, why?” and she said I sounded funny like my words were a little slurred.  It then dawned on me…I had been getting really dizzy, bumping into things, sometimes my feet would drag a little and I would stub my toes, and the slurred speech was something I had noticed but was sort of just not ready to admit.  She got me thinking. A few days later while showing a house in West Hills (I’m a realtor) I turned to show them the kitchen and nearly fell over and had to grab the wall to catch my fall. I was happy they were turned the other way.  That rattled my cage. Later that day I realized I was actually trying not to return phone calls because I knew it sounded funny, like I was drunk or something.  I was now avoiding doing my job. I love my job so that was a big indication to me that something was very wrong.  I started to worry. Within 48 hours of this I was at another client’s when I could not make my legs move. I was standing there ready to walk to the car but my legs would not move.  I had numb spots on my arms and legs and my mouth felt numb. My tongue was numb. Then a few minutes later it all vanished. I walked to my car and called my husband crying. Up to this point he had not known any of this. He didn’t even know that I was dieting. He was out of town and I didn’t want to worry him. He just suddenly got a call from a frantic wife who was quite literally terrified.  I called my doctor to make an appointment. She heard my voice and said to come right away. I did.  That was a good thirty minute drive.  I was sitting in the room, on the big table thing when she walked in and spoke to me. I could not respond right away, I could not make my mouth move.  About thirty seconds passed and I spoke in reply and she went white as a sheet.  She said she had known me a long time and knew right away something was very wrong, by my slurred speech. She first thought maybe I’d had a stroke but taking my vitals and seeing that I was fine one minute and then bang I could not speak or walk, the next she ruled out a stroke.  Frankly she was mystified.  She said “you need to go to ER immediately, can you drive?”. She said I needed to be given an MRI and a CAT Scan and the best way to get that was at ER and besides she was pretty freaked out about my symptoms.

I got in my car and started driving myself to ER. It was another twenty minute drive. She had told me how to go and I just went. I called my husband and told him I was on my way to ER. That must have sent a chill up his spine. I cried all the way there. I was pretty sure I was dying of some quickly accelerating and horrible disease and I might never see anyone again.  I could not stop thinking and crying. It is even, still to this day, impossible for me to tell this story without tears streaming down my face.  Sorry ladies I hope you brought tissues and didn’t just put on your make up!! I just did, of course, it’s now all over my shirt!!

I made it to the offramp which pointed to the hospital. There were about five different hospitals and after a few minutes driving around I pulled into one of them and walked into the lobby to ask for directions.  The receptionist seeing my red face, wet with tears, and hearing my slurred words refused to give me directions and called an ambulance. I freaked. If I was not already a basket case, seeing the paramedics walk in the door for me finished the job. I again tried to assure them I could make it on my own but they would not hear of it.  They drove me, one block, to the ER that I was headed for.

I was on a stretcher in a room with about ten other stretchers for hours. My daughters arrived and stayed with me.  They were pretty freaked too. Finally after several hours, and after seeing the drunk next to me puke in a brown bag (apparently he was a regular but not regular enough he smelled awful) I was taken into a room to be seen by not one, but five doctors. One by one they interviewed me, CAT scan done, blood test for all kinds of things the doctors came back several times.  The problem, they explained, was that my symptoms were so strong and then they would disappear. They could not explain that.  About 2am I just wanted to go home. Clearly the medical profession had no idea what was wrong and I just wanted to go home so I could figure it out myself.  They came back again and said the only way they could release me was to put some kind of diagnosis down. They explained the only thing they could think of was to put at TIA (a mild stroke) but they assured me, that is not what happened and I am missing the symptoms and vitals to substantiate it.  I didn’t care. I just wanted out by now.  I said “fine” whatever, just let me out-a-here!!!

I went home.  I arranged for my husband to get back to LA as soon as possible and got my daughters to help cover for me with real estate.  That was a hoot for them I’m sure!!

I had to stop taking new clients for a while. I just could not be working and suddenly not speak or not walk in the middle of an appointment.   I talked to so many people and doctors and I was really up to my eyeballs in the well intended, really well meaning helpful ideas from so many people that I ended up just not wanting to consider any more.  My husband Tony, the creator of this site, three thousand miles away, with very little info, correctly figured this out (where five doctors in the room with me for hours couldn’t) and sends me an email and prefaced it with “I know you’ve had so many people tell you so many things but I thought you should read this stuff I found…you don’t need to read it all, just what I highlighted”.  I reluctantly looked at the highlights which were: “SLURRED SPEECH”, “DIZZINESS”, “NUMBNESS” and that was all it took to grab my attention. I read the long list of symptoms and then scrolled down to the bottom to find what the cause was. I was shocked but at the same time EVERYTHING suddenly made sense.

It was Aspartame Poisoning from the soda in the cans I had been drinking. I ordered the book Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic. I found page after page riveting. I was outraged that I was suffering, but even more outraged at what was clear to me as the source of much suffering for so many others. And even more outraged that it was being done with the blessing of the FDA and our government. There is a lot more to the story, at least one year of hard recovery and I have been fully recovered ever since. But I want you to know what I did to recover so you can help someone else recover too. I will write more about that later, I promise. Hugs, Tomi

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