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How To Save Money on Exercise Equipment

by Tony Bowling on October 9, 2011

There is a lot of exercise equipment sitting in people’s garages or gathering dust in the bedroom that was converted into “The Exercise Room.”

An early design of exercise equipment!

I think we have all, at one time or another, sat and watched an infomercial for equipment that promised we could look like the 20 year old athlete with a six pack you could grate cheese on. And it would be so easy to do! You’d only have to do it for 5 minutes a day and it would not even require getting up off your butt!

There is nothing really wrong with any of this equipment. In fact some of it is very ingeniously designed to help specific areas of the body in terms of toning up etc. No, the problem is more likely the person buying the equipment who went into the deal thinking it would be so easy.

The Words of Wisdom

Here is the wise tip:

– Do not allow yourself to buy such equipment!

– Do not let your spouse or partner convince you they need it!

РDo not have anything to do with any exercise equipment purchase….

Unless that person is already exercising!

If the person is already doing a work out and wants to add a certain piece of equipment to the regimen then there is a strong possibility that they will use it! But if they are not currently doing something (and you can do an awful lot of good workout routines without equipment) then chances are that purchase is going to quickly end up as the latest clothes rack in a dark corner of the bedroom or as the new shelf in the garage!

I was going to write that maybe an exception would be someone who wants a treadmill because running in their neighborhood is not so safe but even then if they were serious about the exercising they would at least be doing some aerobics in front of the TV.

All rules have exceptions. This one does not have many!



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