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Colds and Vitamin C

by Tony Bowling on October 9, 2011

I think it would be rare to find a person that would not benefit from vitamin C when experiencing a cold.

This vitamin can be used two ways:

1. To try to ward off a cold at the onset. At the first sign of a cold get some C down you fast. I’ve successfully done this many times as has my wife.

2. Use it to reduce the adverse affects of a cold in progress and hopefully reduce the recovery time. (This last part is almost impossible to estimate because who knows how long it would have taken to get well with or without the vitamin C).

How much should you take?

You need to takeā€¦. Ah, no! I am not going to do that. I do not know how much YOU should take. Maybe vitamin C doesn’t even work for you or you have a sensitive stomach or something.

But I can tell you this: The body will tend to tell you when it has had enough vitamin C!

How this happens is if you get a cold and start taking 1000 mg an hour (Oh yes, I have taken a lot more than this during a miserable cold) and nothing appears to happen then take more. Take more over time right up to the point where you notice some intestinal protest — like gas pains, or farting, etc. And then just back off from taking more for a while.

Take more vitamin C if you start feeling worse. Just jockey those two things: 1. Take more if you feel worse or you’re not feeling any betterĀ  2. Back off if you start farting up a storm.

And of course EAT. My mother’s advice of “Feed a cold” just seems to work to reduce symptoms and increase your comfort and it is good to have something on your stomach for all the vitamin C to land on or you may get stomach pains.

I tested this vitamin C thing on myself when I DID NOT have a cold just to see what happened. It was amazing how quick the onset of gas happened compared to when I had a cold. During the cold the body just seems to use tons of C — it must be using it because it is not rejecting it until you have taken a lot.

When you notice you are recovering from the cold I suggest taking less C but not to stop all together until you are fully okay.

Vitamin C does not cure a cold. No one has figured that one out but it can often avert the onset of a cold — head if off at the pass as they say. It also appears that vitamin C can alleviate some of the discomfort and since a cold can be soooo miserable I, for one, will take any help I can get.


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