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Ozzy’s Words of Wisdom

by Tony Bowling on October 8, 2011

I do not think that Ozzy Osborne is known for his wisdom or humility but here is an example of him exhibiting both and as a result leaving us with, what I believe to be, a useful term or expression where one did not exist before.

He once said that he still wanted to make his Sgt. Pepper. Meaning, I believe, that he was still looking to make the ultimate album where everything came together, a work of art, etc.

My wife and I now often use Ozzy’s term when talking about music. For example the first music I had ever heard of Sarah McLachlan was the album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. I thought this was one of the best albums I had ever heard by anyone. Just sublime! After that I fully expected her to do better and better . I know how musically greedy of me this is but you do, you expect performers to get better and better. She didn’t do better. She achieved her Sgt. Pepper on what turned out to be her second album.

In the case of Sarah it was a disappointment that she could not maintain or improve on Fumbling Towards Ecstasy but what she did was a huge accomplishment. She had reached her Sgt. Pepper so quickly where many others, Ozzy included, still strive for this elevated level of musical perfection.

So next time you are discussing music you may have an opportunity to say “I think Peter Gabriel had his Sgt. Pepper with …” or ” Lady Gaga has done more than one Sgt. Pepper”, etc.

For a musical performer to have accomplished a Sgt. Pepper is indeed the attainment of a stellar goal.

Ozzy, thank for your wisdom and the humility to say it.


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