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Nightmares & Vitamins

by Tony Bowling on October 6, 2011

Dreams can sometimes be fun, interesting and thought provoking but nightmares are a different story. Nightmares can be a nightmare!

I have even had a type of nightmare that caused me to jerk violently to wake myself up. Now, we will not be going into the whys and wherefores behind dreams and nightmares but we will look at a simple solution to reduce nightmares.

What chases the demons away?

This may sound too simple or some kind of old wive’s tale but it is an empirical observation that B1 alleviates nightmares.

So conversely nightmares are good indicator that you are lacking in B1whether you care about the nightmares or not. Lack of B1 can cause other problems too so if you are now armed with the knowledge then it makes sense to do something about it.

First of all why would you become low on B1: There are a number of things that result in B1 being burned (used up) in the body and of course if you happen to be eating foods high in B1 at the same time that your needs increase then you will be okay. But if not, a B1 supplement is recommended. Alcohol and many drugs burn B1. Diuretics (things that make you pee more) and antibiotics also affect your B1 levels. Stress burns it too. There are more that can be added to the list.

B1 is quite cheap to buy and available in most drug store/chemist locations and certainly vitamin stores.

How much to take?

How much to take: test it for yourself. Take one 100 mg pill and if it does not work take a bit more. It is a water soluble vitamin that does not stay in the system for long so the B1 you took the night before is no longer still around. 

Now, B1 is one of those vitamins that you can take too much of and cause other problems (create a deficiency in a different vitamin).  See the article It is like Baking a Cake for more info on how this happens. High amounts of B1 can create a vitamin C deficiency so the simple solution is to take some vitamin C with the B1.

So the next time Freddy Krueger tries to get you in your dreams realize that the kryptonite that works is B1 and also realize that you have an indicator that your general nutrition might need a boost starting with B1 and vitamin C and maybe a few others of the essential vitamins and minerals.


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