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The B Vitamin Called Niacin – A Special Case

by Tony Bowling on October 3, 2011

We have talked generally about the B-complex supplement. Link

There is an added complication regards Niacin (B3) that should be known.

Nicotinamide will very often be seen in place of Niacin on the list of B-complex ingredients. Nicotinamide is converted from Niacin so I guess you could say it is close to being Niacin BUT IT IS NO LONGER THE SAME and therefore no longer has the full characteristics of Niacin.

Nicotinamide is also sometimes called Niacinamide or Nicotinic acid.

So why would any one mess around with Niacin and replace it with this sly impostor?

It is because Niacin can cause one to experience a hot flush and heaven’s forbid someone gets a hot flush so Niacin gets changed so everyone is comfortable and no one complains.

Without getting into semantics, it is not so much that Niacin causes a hot flush but that Niacin causes you to get rid of what seems to be the after affect of the sun on your skin. This is evident by the fact that as you keep taking it the flush will usually soon stop. The up side to this is that there is no question that this vitamin is having an affect!

If you take Niacin in small amounts any flush will likely be light and the more often you take it the less flush you experience, and it will shortly disappear. Or if you do not take Niacin for a long time and then take it again you may again have a hot flush which again disappears in a short time.

Some B-complexes do come with Niacin, but if not, I simply take the complex that has the substitute and take an additional Niacin supplement in the same amount which is usually 50 mg.

Niacin is, after all, the essential vitamin and not something else.

I would never take a large amount (over 50 mg) of Niacin especially for the first time. I am not into telling you how much of anything you should take (because I do not know what you need) but the flush can be uncomfortable and even scary if you suddenly ingest a 1000 mg or more of Niacin — heaven’s forbid! (again!) So for starters just take an amount in keeping with the usual B-complex quantities.


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