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Nutrition & Enjoyment of Life

by Tony Bowling on September 30, 2011

This is one of those subjects you could argue about for hours. In fact why don’t you try it with a friend and/or a family member:

The question is “If you know something is not ideal for your health (like a soda with tons of sugar, caffeine,  phosphoric acid, etc) why are you consuming it?”

Well, I’ll give you my take on this:

Any food item you know to be not good for your health should simply be taken in moderation if it is something you like.

I like the occasional soda, or piece of chocolate, or coffee but there are two things regarding that which I hold as important:

1. I do it only in moderation.

2. I can see they have no immediate adverse affect on my health.

I would be miserable if I only ate 100% healthy stuff and you know I have a very strong feeling that I would not be any healthier in the long run.

I joked on Facebook once that my biggest fear was that on my death bed someone would tell me that scientists had just found out that vegetables were in fact not good for you! A life time of eating them for nothing! Ah! It was a joke and received some good responses but just imagine maintaining a strict, and austere, diet all your life just to find out that Joe next door (who eats anything he likes) just reached 100 years and is still chasing the ladies.

So I say eat healthy in general but also occasionally eat what makes you smile.



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