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Basic Vitamins & Minerals Versus Herbal Remedies

by Tony Bowling on September 30, 2011

You will often hear people advising other people about what worked nutritionally for them. There is nothing really wrong with this except that it tends to make the subject of nutrition a bit more complicated than it has to be.


The most important thing to know, to cut through all of these different advices and “what worked for me” recommendations, is knowing what are the body’s basic requirements. Basically applying a bit of science to the subject.

 Science Vs. Trial & Error

Ginseng, just for example, is an herb that some people take and it may or may not help one’s health level BUT IT IS NOT A BASIC REQUIREMENT OF THE BODY. (I’m not picking on Ginseng, there are lots of these herbs that some people swear by).

Now compare Ginseng to vitamin E. Vitamin E can be found in the body. It is there in the body and it is part of its makeup and function. It has a very specific purpose. The body has to have this vitamin or things start going wrong. This is the case with most of the vitamins. A person can have a vitamin E deficiency but cannot have a Ginseng deficiency. Now, how Ginseng and other medicinal herbs work I do not know and I do not really have to know because I know the body’s basic nutritional requirements of vitamins and minerals as part of one’s food intake.

[I think, and this is only opinion, how the likes of herbs and the more fringe concoctions work is that a person is in need of nutrition THAT COULD BE FIXED IF THEY KNEW WHAT VITAMINS AND MINERALS TO TAKE. Instead some herbal mix contains (by chance) what the person needs or in some way substitutes for that vitamin and thereby sometimes works. That could be what makes this subject so hit and miss.]

 The Rule

The rule is that the body has certain vitamins and minerals that it must have. It is what the body is made of and what is the foundation for optimum body health. I will cover what these vitamins and minerals are in another article but I can tell you now that there are not a lot of them. Not a lot compared to the hundreds and hundreds of different products in some vitamin stores. There are so many products being offered as remedies for all kinds of ailments and body problems. It can be overwhelming.

Vitamins & Politics

[ A political comment here: There are certain vested interests that are working to try and remove supplements from the shelves and put them under the control of doctors or in some way make them not so easily attainable by the general public. As it stands general supplements are an easy target for these vested interests because there are so many products that are just not fundamental to the body. Lets hope these vested interests do not get their way but in the mean time we can get a bit more certainty about what works and why and what we really need to maintain optimum health].


PS Here is a link to a bunch of people helping to defend your right to buy and use vitamin supplements. Help them if you can by at least signing their petition to Congress. Alliance for Natural Health

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