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The New Food Pyramid

by Tony Bowling on September 25, 2011

New Food Plate

The new food pyramid is no longer a pyramid. It is now a plate.

The food plate that was introduced by the US government on the 2nd June 2011 is certainly simpler to follow than the earlier pyramid which had been with use for some 20 years. This rendition is probably a lot easier for children to understand and follow — it looks very child friendly to me and there is nothing wrong with helping children adopt good eating habits from an early age. Ideally children will like this and even demand their parents adhere to these general principles. What children demand often goes a long way to deciding what ends up on the dinner plate.

The main fault with this logo is that it generalizes a person’s dietary needs and it is an over simplification. Where is oil in this diet? Of course one can get oils from any of the other five categories shown in the logo.  Why is “Dairy” in a circle to the side?  I immediately think of a glass of milk but what about yogurt, cottage cheese and the like. The plate itself shows three categories of food but then the fourth item (Protein) is a quality or ingredient of food which may or may not be contained in the other three categories. Is is an oversimplification!

An “on/off” sign next to an electrical switch is important, valuable and simply information but it does not in itself tell you how to wire an electrical system or change a fuse box. Simply is good but some things in life need a bit more care and planning as is the case with nutrition if you really want to use it to improve your odds of better health and enjoyment.


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